More Than PD



More than PD: Raise Awareness with your story!



Would you like to be a part of our Parkinson’s awareness campaign in April- National Parkinson’s Awareness Month?


Answer the following questions and email them with a picture of yourself that captures who you are BEYOND your disease. You will be featured on our website and may be used in additional media outreach throughout the state of Ohio.


This is open to patients and caregivers, and we will only use your first name.


•             When were you or your loved one diagnosed with Parkinson’s?

•             How has Parkinson’s changed your life?

•             What defines you besides your identity as a Parkinson’s patient or Caregiver?

•             What would you like the world to know about Parkinson’s disease?

•             What resources or programs have you found most helpful as you and your family manage PD?

Email your answers and picture to