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How you can live well with Parkinson's

While living with PD can be challenging, there is hope. New research is always being conducted, new clinical trials are always seeking patients, the Internet offers a tremendous resource on how to manage your disease, and there are MANY things you can do yourself to maintain your quality of life.

In order to continue living well, discuss these issues with your doctor:
•    maintaining a healthy diet
•    choosing exercises that can best maintain mobility and strength
•    finding support groups and professionals to help with the emotional side
•    adapting your home to make it safer
•    choosing therapists (i.e. physical, occupational, speech, exercise) who can prepare you to navigate daily activities
•    finding support for the person who is your primary caregiver

You will find that our organization — NPF Central and Southeast Ohio chapter — can provide support, education, and other resources to meet many of your needs. So get involved today!